About Alta Wines

Alta Wines is a Toronto-based import agency that specializes in the distribution of wines from many countries such as Italy, France and Chile. We seek to provide our customers with an immersive experience that will allow them to discover and appreciate the flavor, culture and tradition of various viticultural regions. 

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Our Story

Our Ethos

Wine has been an integral part of our families generationally. It's instilled in our value system and is a way of showing appreciation of culture and quality of life.

How we started

Our story began from humble roots in Bari, Italy. Frequent family get-togethers, town celebrations, and religious feasts were breeding grounds for our foray into wine.

Building in Canada

Moving to Toronto from our stomping grounds has been fulfilling. There are few places in the world that welcome community, diversity, and openness.

Where we’re headed

We want to bring our love for wine, but more so, culture to as many people in Canada as possible. We’re in Toronto but hoping to expand all over the country!

The Team

Our five pillars


We try to foster an authentic appreciation for the practices, people and flavors that go into a wine. We only distribute artisan wines that represent many generations of traditions and history. To us, wine is an expression of the territorio, culture and environment.


This mentality has driven us to find unique products across the globe, and for us to meet every winemaker represented by our portfolio. We break bread with the farmers and winemakers; we walk through the vineyards, touch the soil, and breathe the air.


Wines can be a part of so many aspects of life; from celebrations to small dinners. We hope you discover new ways of integrating them into your life- such as casually sipping Sangiovese on your rooftop or enjoying your new Orange Malvasia during dinner.


What we do is at the heart of our culture and personality. Come to one of our tasting events where our in-house experts can dazzle you with conversations on the history and flavors of wines. It's the best way to learn about our work with wine.

Environmental sustainability

Most of the wines in our portfolio are naturally or organically produced; there’s no artificial fertilizers, genetically modified crops, pesticides or sprays used. We believe that wine is a direct expression of the environment that it is produced in.

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